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Mat Pickles is a Yoga Teacher, Percussionist and Drum Circle Facilitator based in Manchester. He teaches yoga focusing on breath work and Mindfulness, using elements of Hatha and Kundalini Yoga. Mat has experience playing in ceremonial and healing environments and is a massive believer in the extraordinary health giving and healing properties of group drumming.

"My driver is sharing techniques that help us navigate this bonkers world. This is especially true for children. Childhood anxiety has risen to heart breaking levels in the last decade and it's my real privilege to help and guide the next generation. Let's face it the next generation need to sweep up a lot of mess that we left them"

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"The secret ingredient is music. Music is such a powerful medicine. It helps me find that centre point but also shifts things. Kids find the drum irresistible. Dancing and playing music is the easiest way of losing the ego and connecting to something bigger and much more interesting.

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