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"The Science is in. Group drumming improves mental health"

We've been drumming in groups long before recorded history. It's a fundamental part of being a human. Everyone can do it. You can learn a basic pattern in 5 minutes and play a decent pattern in half an hour.  

Mental Health and Drumming

The therapeutic benefits of group drumming are immense. Multiple studies have found a link between group drumming and increased confidence, increased creativity and social resilience and reduction in anxiety and depression.. Its a great way to connect. Drumming is a physical act but it can also be a deeply spiritual experience. 

Group Drumming for Children

Its easy to see drumming as a language and for some children communicating is difficult. Drumming allows self expression and confidence. It encourages collaboration and has been proven to reduce childhood anxiety.  

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Mat has a wealth of experience facilitating group drumming in a number of areas from rehab clinics to schools, work places and schools for special needs.

Speak to us and we'll work out how to bring this beautiful practice to your place. 

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