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An away day event for the mind body and spirit. 


More businesses are becoming aware of the benefits of mental health.  Where ever you are in the country Mat can come and deliver a workshop that will nourish the mind, heal the body and replenish your vigour for life. We have full, half day or lunch break workshops, choc full of unique, enjoyable and hugely beneficial activities each aimed at creating a space where we can let go of our daily stresses and re connect to creativity and inspiration.


Mat can travel to your place of work anywhere in the UK. Your bespoke work shop will include....


Group Drumming


The mental and physical benefits of group drumming are phenomenal. It's an unrivalled brain exercise,   It's great for the heart and lungs and a superb work out for the upper body. Most of all, however, it's great fun. A superb way to challenge yourself, step out of your comfort zone and connect with your group on a deeper level.


We'll teach you how to play the African drum using call and response and in no time we'll be playing as a group, creating our own sound and connecting to the ancient rhythm of life.  

Drum Circle.jpg

Mindfulness and breath work


Mindfulness and breath work will bring you into the moment and allow concerns of a busy life to lift lightly away. Mat will combine traditional mindfulness techniques with sweet, live gentle music to help us connect to our breath and connect to the moment.  Engaging in breath work and mindfulness events in groups has immense benefits for mental health . We'll share with you simple techniques that you'll be able to take away and use any time. 



We'll help you find where you're at physically and give your bodies the perfect tune up. As a fully qualified Yoga and teacher Mat will guide you through a number of gentle, nourishing and restorative poses and movements. 


For those of us who have to spend many hours sat down, the importance of strength, balance and flexibility can not be overstated. We'll make sure you leave feeling balanced and invigorated.

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