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"Learn to be calm and you will always be happy"


Research overwhelmingly suggests that school based yoga and mindfulness has many positive effects on student health, behaviour, performance and happiness. 

Yoga and mindfulness successfully integrated into the school day creates the perfect state for teaching and learning. It gives children the much needed tools for managing stress, provides a beneficial physical break and reduces anger depression and fatigue.

Mat uses a blend of classic yoga poses and movements with music (live percussion, guitar and piano} along with games, chanting, dance and meditation to leave a class feeling happy, creative and still. 

With over 2 years experience working in schools with children of all ages, Mat will create an atmosphere of safety in which children can explore the benefits of this wonderful tradition.

If you want to introduce this proven beneficial practice into your school or your children's lives then please contact us for a chat and we can discuss how to set this up.

Contact Mat for a chat

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